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Nettoyage anilox petite laize par ultrasons U 650M

The anilox cylinder is at the heart of the flexographic printing process.

Optimizing performance is essential to get the best quality impression. 

The latest engraving techniques make it possible to manufacture cylinders of better quality, with finer screens and deeper cells.

However, regular cleaning and maintenance is required to ensure that the cylinder operates as specified.


Ultrasound cleaner for Narrow web

Ultrasound cleaner equipment for Flexo label printers

Cleaning from 1 to 8 cylinders at a time. Single or Dual frequency. The most suitable solution in terms of cleaning quality, cost and space for Flexo label printers.

'' Ultrasound propagates uniformly and constantly in the ultrasonic bath to clean and unclog all removable gravure and flexo parts, cylinders, anilox rollers, doctor blade chambers, ink recirculation tanks stained with water or solvent inks, UV varnishes or adhesives''

Ultrasonic cleaning of Anilox is one of the most effective because it combines both a mechanical and chemical effect. Indeed, if the maintenance product is used to dissolve or soften the inks to the bottom of the cells, ultrasound is used to suck out of the cells the dissolved inks and this without danger for the Anilox.


We have various standard or custom models for cleaning your Anilox. 


The standard models are equipped in 50 kHz with an optional second frequency of 100 kHz for higher linearities.



wide web ultrasonic machine

Cleaning machines for Anilox sleeve & Shafted Anilox 

machine ultrasons grandes laizes


double frequence ultrasons 50/100 KHz

50 kHz standard and 100 kHz  

for HD line-ups 

U 900 ULTRASONS ANILO  pour HP 20000

Ultrasonic cleaning  

anilox digital press 

Digital HP INDIGO 20000

U 900          NEW

U 3000 ultrasons pour anilox

U 3000

U 3000 ultrasons pour anilox grande laize

Our design office also designs special machines

on specifications according to your needs:

ULTRASOUND CLEANER ANILOX for  Flooring specialist 

cylinder weight 900 KGS

The ultrasonic cleaning machine in aqueous solution in its standard version includes an ultrasonic washing in a temperature bath, then two rinsing phases, followed by drying in hot and dry air. They meet the needs of many industries such as aeronautics, automotive, precision mechanics and electronics. Closed loop rinsing with pure deionized water guarantees organic and ionic cleanliness that exceeds military requirements.


NETFLEX includes as standard cleaning jets immersed in all washing and rinsing tanks which are equipped with a weir to remove impurities on the surface.

The proposed options :

A preliminary cleaning step equipped with an oil separator or oil separator for very dirty parts

Installation of ultrasound in rinsing tanks

Vertical agitation at all stages of cleaning or rinsing.

Hot air dryer accommodating two baskets to increase production volume

Automated basket movement 


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